• How Can I Deal with Life’s Stress and Complications?

  • Do you wish that you could live In the Universal Flow of Abundance?

  • Is This All I am, or Am I something Greater?

  • Is it possible to Live Beyond the Limitations of the Human Mind?

  • How Can we live a Life Free of Struggle and Depression?

  • What does a Transcendent Life Look Like?

  • How Do I Release Life’s Pain and Wounds?

  • Is It Possible To Shift Consciousness In this Life-Time?


Dr. Kamala Easton

Spiritual Teacher, Motivational Speaker,
Business & Wellness Coach, Author,
Intuitive Advisor, Non-Profit Consultant

To A Higher State of Living!

True enlightenment is much more than a momentary mountain-top experience, but a day to day living and understanding of the magic that can be created when we work with our extraordinary powers which are well beyond the human mind.

"How do we begin to live life beyond the human mind? By daily opening to that greatness within and offering ourselves up." - K. Easton

Dr. Kamala Easton is available to speak at:

Centers for Spiritual Living, Unity, Unitarian Churches & New Thought Communities

Speaking topics include the following and more:

* 8 Principles of Spiritual Transformation 

* Living an Enlightened Life Now 

* Shifting from a Vibration of Lack to a Perfect Vibration of Wealth 

* Indian Goddess Kali- The Goddess of Transformation & Indian Goddess Lakshmi- The Goddess of Love and Money

Excerpt of Talk -
Theosophical Society of America, Chicago, IL

Radio Interview - Unifyradio.com

Dr. Easton’s Autobiography

AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGINI is the story of the author‘s spiritual transformation and mystical and tempestuous 7-year relationship with one of the world’s most renowned gurus.

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Kamala's New Book

In this collection of 30 quotes, spiritual teacher, Dr. Kamala Easton, reveals words of wisdom and transformation to assist us in stepping into our true nature. That of the Divine expressing itself as us on earth.

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